Candy Crush Saga Game Cheats

This Firefox extension allows you to cheat in certain games. It works by redirecting certain web requests to this server.


1. Mozilla Firefox
2. Leethax Extension
3. Common Sense

How to use

1. Install Mozilla Firefox
2. Install Leethax Extension
3. Restart Firefox
4. Go To Supported Games
5. Then Enjoy, Cheats Automatic Appear In Games


1. Don't forget to restart Firefox after installing the extension.
2. To uninstall the extension (same as with any other Firefox extension), go to Tools → Add-ons. See here for more information.

If it is not working for you, just update Firefox Extension

How to update

1. Click Firefox Menu
2. Click Add-ons
3. Go to Extensions
4. Find extension then click more
5. Check ON in Automatic Updates
6. Try To Reinstall the extension

Candy Crush Saga Game Cheat are still working today

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